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"Overall the experience has been worthwhile. I liked how it gave me/us tools both for now and the future, made us talk and be open about the process of love and our needs. While we didn't have a lot of "issues", its good to talk about even minor things and  learn how to get past them. It's also mediated a heap of talks between us and made us think about ourselves and us as a couple moving into the future."

"I've enjoyed being able to come along and discuss our relationship in a neutral and safe space. It's been very affirming and I feel like our relationship is stronger because of it. We now have better ways to discuss issues, and have also talked about things that neither partner had raised before. I will (and have) recommend Angie to others for Prepare and Enrich :)

Thanks Angie"

"Counselling helped me to cut down on smoking, from 10 to 3 smokes a day."

"Counselling taught me how to respect my family and help out with chores. My family is happy"

"Instead of showing anger, I have learnt to communicate"

"My Mum and Dad noticed that I have changed. I make coffee for my Dad without being told."

"Counselling helped me with my studies, how to remember, how to ask for help, and stay back after school to study"

"I no longer hang out with the bad crowd like I used to"